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Royal Warwick Square

A new marketing film for St Edward.


The brief was to create a film to introduce potential buyers to Royal Warwick Square. The narrative is driven by interviews of the key players in the design of the latest phase of the Kensington High Street/Warwick Street Masterplan.

Using specially shot footage of Kensington and Knightsbridge, we highlighted the plethora of parks and private squares in the area, elements of which inspired the design of the public spaces at Royal Warwick Square.

An integral part of the film are the stunning CGI animations from Miller Hare, with whom we worked closely to direct the moves both within the internal spaces and the external areas. They also composited some of the external CGIs into the interviews to create a more immersive series of visuals.

Shot by Alex Fouracre, Steve Weiser and Christopher Smith. Edited by Simon 'Badger' Cooper.

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