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Our Language

JLL wanted to increase diversity and inclusion across their UK business.

The result was a series of short comedy films addressing racism, ageism, gender stereotyping, homophobia and mental health filmed in the style of comedy classics like The Office and Parks and Rec, featuring both JLL staff and professional actors.


The internal communications campaign, written by Funny Women, was known as #icantbelieveisaidthat.

Odd Man Out was brought on board to edit the script, write introductions to the characters and to devise a way of filming the sketches over one (very) long day. We directed the shoot and post-produced the films in our studios.

This film is the introduction to the characters played by actors who were cast by Funny Women.

In July 2016, the films won an award for Best Use of Humour in the DigiAwards held at the Ministry of Sound in London.

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